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Give the Gift of Memories this Christmas


Give the Gift of Memories this Christmas

Give the gift of memories this Christmas to your loved ones and truly transport them back to yesteryear.

‘The world is bright, shiny and sometimes hard to bear. There are times when all you need is a memory, a reminder, a comforting form of nostalgia to ‘take you back’ to the good old days.’

‘There are many memories hidden in the depths our minds that we long to grasp on to and be close to once again. When we are reminded of those lost memories it fills us with joy and longing, for a time that seems so near yet so far away. True North Books aims to provide those memories that we truly miss and deeply pine for.’

You can give your loved ones the gift of memories this Christmas with True North Books. Our nostalgia books and calendars are perfect in reminding readers of how life used to be in days gone by.

Click here to read the full article surrounding memories, published on the OAPSchat website. 

Have a lovely afternoon and a fantastic Christmas, making lots and lots of new memories while enjoying thoughts of the old memories.