Stoke Company Histories


Stoke Company Histories

Stoke Company Histories found in our Nostalgic Memories of Stoke on Trent and the Potteries book. 

A.D. Hall – AD Hall provide high quality steel and fabrication services. Established over half a century ago, their company history adds to the character and values of the company. Read it here.

A.J. Philpott & Sons – Providing most tools and products needed to fix ANYTHING, AJ Philpott & Sons are another company rich with history that we have been lucky enough to work with. Founded in 1919 (that’s nearly 100 years ago!) they have quite simply got better and better throughout the years. Read the company history here.

Barry Proctor – recently having celebrated their 30th Anniversary, Barry Proctor Haulage services have a great deal to be celebrating as they have been increasing in size and profit consistently throughout the decades. Read the company history of this specialist haulage company for the construction industry here.

BMB – Established in 1976, BMB are one of the leading producers of components for the engineering industry. Understand how they started, how they developed, and where they are today here. 

Broxap – ‘The Word on the Street’ – Broxap, one of the UK’s leading street furniture manufacturers and suppliers, has one of those quirky company histories that makes it the company that it is today. Read it nowBroxap company history

FUCHS – FUCHS started out as ‘Century Oils’ in 1874 and has since then grown to be the world’s LARGEST independent oil Manufacturer. Read the fascinating company history here: FUCHS

Garners Garden Centre – With Gardening experience of over 150 years, Garners Garden Centre is the place to go for all gardening or outdoorsy equipment. Take a look at the company history here.

H. Brown – When it comes to recycling, very few firms have the passion and values that are embedded into the daily grind of H.Brown & Son recycling Ltd. Read the interesting company history of a family run recycling business with over 80 years of experience: H.Brown & Son Recycling Company History PDF.

Johnson Tiles – Johnson Tiles has over 100 years of experience in the Tiling Industry. With award winning quality tiles, they really are the company to go to if you have any tiling requirements. Read the company history here. 

Keeling & Walker – The world’s largest producer of Tin Oxides – Keeling & Walker was founded in the early 1900s and has an interesting and rich company history. Read it here. 

McGough Funeral Directors – Founded over 80 years ago,  C McGough & Sons has been providing excellent funeral services to the people of Stoke and further afar. Read the company history here and understand how they got where they are today: McGough Company History

Moorcroft– Over 100 years old, the innovative, independent and thriving company that is Moorcroft are continuing to exceed with their astounding pottery. While moving with the times they still manage to hold onto their heritage. Read the company history of Moorcroft here: Moorcroft Company History

Portmeirion – The ceramics company ‘Portmeirion’ celebrated 50 years in 2010. Founded in 1960 by the legendary designer, Susan Williams Ellis and her husband, it was initially a small pottery decorating company and has gone from strength to strength. The company history is fascinating, read it here.

Spode –  It was 1770 when Spode was initially set up, that’s over two centuries ago! It has since gone from strength to strength and developed alongside the times, and as you can imagine it has a rich company history. Take a look: Spode Company History

Staffordshire University – The innovative and high quality Staffordshire University started in 1914 as a Technology college, focused on supporting the mining and pottery industries. It has since expanded into a university teaching a wide array of courses from Humanities, to sports and health and so on. It’s interesting and educational company history can be found here. 

Swinnerton Cycles – A local business enjoying a national reputation, the family run Swinnerton Cycles was founded in 1915 and although it has developed and grown through the years it has remained family run with solid values and foundations. Read the company history here – if you like cycling or nostalgia it will definitely intrigue you: Swinnerton Cycles Company History

Walker’s Nonsuch – Last but not least in our Stoke Company Histories, one of England’s oldest makers of traditional toffee, Walker’s Nonsuch, produces some of the tastiest, most tongue tantalising toffee around. The traditional recipe has hardly changed through the decades. Read the terrific all toffee telling company history of Walker’s Nonsuch here.