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Rochdale, The Golden Years


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  • Paperback: 106 pages
  • Publisher: True North Books Ltd. (October. 2016)
  • ISBN-13: 9781908496188

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Rochdale, The Golden Years

Following  the  successful  formula  of  our  previous   ‘Memories’  books,  we  have  produced  a  publication   that takes  the  reader  on  a  trip  down  memory  lane.   This  is  not  a  history  book,  rather  a  glimpse  of  what   life was  like  in  Rochdale  during  the  most  eventful   period  of  our  recent  past.

In  today’s  ever  changing  hi-­tech  world,  there  is  something  rather  comforting  and  reassuring   about nostalgic  memories  from  the  past.  Images  of  everyday  occurrences  show  life  in  Rochdale  as   it  was  when we  were  younger  and  perhaps  more  carefree.  Page  after  page  of  rare  photographs,   each  carrying  a  well researched  and  informative  caption,  take  local  readers  on  a  steam  train  ride   through  the  mist  of  time.

We  are  extremely  proud  of  our  heritage  in  Rochdale  and  we  should  all  invest  a  little  time.  These  events from  what  we  now  refer  to  as  the  ‘Good  Old  Days’,  will  stir  memories  that  may   otherwise  be  forgotten.

We  hope  you,  your  family  and  friends  are  entertained  and  informed  by  this  pictorial  meander   through the  recent  past  of  our  great  town.



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