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Children’s Play Time in The Good Old Days

Children’s Play Time in the Good Old Days

Children’s play time in the good old days was quite different to how it is today. There were no screens; no Minecraft or Pokemon Go, no Peppa Pig to keep the little ones entertained. The lucky children got one gift on their Birthday and at Christmas, and that was it – that one, lone gift was what they played with all year round. Children’s play time in the good old days required youngsters to use their imagination, to use their friends, and use the environment around them to have the best of times.

These photographs aim to remind us what life was like when the child’s favourite toy was a conker, when a child was allowed to run free until 9pm on a school night, when life was simpler, in some ways.

conkers pplayed in bury
Boys happily play conkers in Bury, photograph from our Bury, The Golden Years book.
summer holidays in the bury area. these 2 young chaps are john ancd luke wheeldon jhaving a great time in racing car at their parents farm near bury
Summer holidays in the Bury area. 2 young chaps are having a great deal of fun in their racing motor car which is beginning to fall apart at the wheels! Another lovely photograph from our Bury book: Bury, The Golden Years
playing with dolls. from liverpool the golden years (50s)
Girls playing with their dolls on the streets in Liverpool in the 1950s. The one at the back is taking her play time very seriously! Photograph from our Liverpool, The Golden Years book.
1928 ancrum street, newcastle, fun and games
Fun and Games on Ancrum Street, Newcastle in 1928. From our Newcastle and Tyneside, The Golden Years publication.
2 youngsters having a disagreement on cowesby street, in 1968 (1)
Two Youngsters have a disagreement on Cowesby Street, 1968. From our Nostalgic Memories of Manchester book.
Young cardiff motorist in june 1936 plays cars with his passenger on sthe treet
Young motorist in Cardiff fixes his car while his passenger waits impatiently for her ride, June 1936. Lovely photograph from our Cardiff Memories publication.