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Father’s Day Nostalgia

True North Books: Providing a special gift for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is coming up very soon. It can sometimes be a struggle finding the right gift for your dad that isn’t the same gift that you get him every year.

‘Happy Father’s Day, Dad.’ You say shyly as you hand him over his yearly socks. The same socks that you get him for Father’s Day, Christmas, and his Birthday, these particular ones say each day on the week per pair. Truly exciting. He  is grateful, he has to be, and it’s the thought that counts. But on this Father’s Day you want to give him a gift he is truly pleased with.

Here at True North Books we have the perfect Father’s Day gift option for those of you who want to get your dad something really special this year.

Get your dad one of our treasured nostalgia Books.

Here are are few fantastic father’s day related photographs from some of our most popular nostalgia books. Enter code: Fathers1 to receive a 10% discount on all our books.

Pleading for the icecream money from your dad has finally paid up as you queue up to get your tasty treat.
Pleading for the ice cream money from your dad has finally paid up as you queue up to get your tasty treat. From Bury, The Golden Years
Large Cargo in Leeds...
Large Cargo in Leeds… From our latest Nostalgic Leeds book.
Norwich carnival july 1931 marvellous questions 7 wedgewood portland vases (1)
Norwich Carnival in July 1931. Do you remember attending here with your mum and dad? Photograph taken from our stunning Norwich nostalgia book: Norwich, The Golden Years
Manchester Race Course, 1941
Dad’s and son’s day out at Manchester Race Course, 1941, taken from our brilliant Manchester Memories nostalgia book: Manchester Memories
Fishing in the Dockside in Hull, 1956
The dads are working in the Dockside in Hull, 1956. From our fantastic Hull nostalgia books: Hull nostalgia