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Fairgrounds in the Good Old Days

Fairgrounds in the good old days

Fairgrounds have been popular in Britain since we can remember. We still love go go to the fair, but in the good old days a trip to the fairground was a real treat. We loved to hear the sounds; the children laughing and the music blasting out of speakers. We can remember the smell of the generators which sharply contrasted with the sweet aroma of candy floss and donuts. In the good old days, there was something at the fairground for everyone, whether you were knocking cans off a shelf, sliding down the Helter-Skelter, or trying not to be sick on the Waltzer. The fairground was a special treat that filled residents with anticipation and excitement once a year. Take a look at some of our best fairground photographs from our nostalgia books.

hull fair in the 1950s take a ride into outer space courtesy of the meteorite  (1)
The Meteorite ride at Hull Fair in the 1950s took the passengers on a ride into outer space! (Or nearly!) Photograph taken from our More Memories of Hull nostalgia book: More Memories of Hull
easter tombland fair norwich mid 1950s. you may recall the noise; vivid colours%2c smell of gnereators which sharply contrasted with the sweet aroma of candyfloss and toffee apples.
A busy Easter Tombland Fair, Norwich, in the Mid 1950s. Photograph taken from our Norwich, The Golden Years publication.
Whitsuntide Fair, Birley Street, Preston c.1948x2
Whitsuntide Fair, Birley Street, Preston, 1948. From our Preston nostalgia selection.
PleasureBeachand fairground southport and the ever so popular dodgems
Pleasure Beach and Fairground in Southport. You can see the ever so popular dodgems in the photograph. Taken from our Memories of Southport book.
wakes week fair in oldham ear%3by 1950s
Mayor of Oldham enjoys the Merrry-Go-Round at Wakes Week Fair, Oldham in the early 1950s. Photograph can be found in our Memories of Oldham nostalgia book.
Bury Fair in the 60s
Lovely photograph of a merry-go-round for the little ones, at Bury Fair in the 1960s. Photograph taken from our Bury selection of books.