Burnley Company Histories

burnleyBurnley Company Histories

Our Burnley nostalgia book (Nostalgic Burnley)  is bursting with memories of Burnley & Colne, and also includes some of the most well established Burnley Company Histories in the area.

Burnley Company Histories.

Ele Advanced Technologies – Boasting some of the finest engineering machining processes available across the UK and internationally, Ele Advanced Technolgies’ company history dates back from 1955 and is worth a read. Take a look at it here: Ele Advanced Technolgies Company History

Calico Homes – Formed in 1999, the Calico Homes company is one of our more modern companies in our company history section, however this makes it no less interesting than the rest! Read the company history here: Calico Homes Company History

Arthur Padgett – For one of the most long-standing, well-established plumbing company’s in the UK, look no further than the reputable Arthur Padget. You can read the story of how Arthur Padgett (established in 1924) went from a one man apprentice to a thriving plumbing company here: Arthur Padgett Company History

Farmhouse Biscuits – priding itself on being a traditional biscuit baking company, Farmhouse biscuits tasty company history can be read here: Farmhouse Biscuits Company History

John Macadam & Son – 1966 in England was a memorable year for obvious reasons. Firstly, England won the world cup. Secondly, John Macadam & Son were established, providing one of the best vehicle repair services ever since. Read the company history here: John Macadam & Son (Garages) Ltd

Kirk Environmental – A global specialist in Liquid and Biogas storage,  Kirk Environmental have an interesting company history which can be read here: Kirk Environmental Company History

Helliwells Funeral Service – A leading funeral service company in Burnley, Helliwells Funeral Service was founded in 1924 and with its reliable and established reputation and its timeless service, Helliwells Funeral Service has an intriguing company history. Read it here: Helliwells Company History